Commercial & Residential

Mulching – Mulch delivered and spread in areas specified by the customer.

Lawn Service – General maintenance, mowing, edging along curbs and driveways, and clean and blown surfaces. Please Note: Depending on the type of grass on your property, we will schedule a mowing program that best accommodates its needs.

Flower & Plant Bed Maintenance – Weed control in all mulched areas.

Lawn Care Program – Healthy attractive lawns are not an accident but the result of a regularly and carefully-executed maintenance plan, which includes seven applications:

1) Preventative Care & Fertilization – Preventing weed germination and crabgrass growth.

2) Broadleaf Maintenance – Controlling broadleaf weeds by spraying turf grasses and developing a dense, uniform cover which resists further weed invasion.

3) Insect Control – Helping to prevent damaging turf grass by grubs and other insects.

4) Winterization – Application of a heavy, slow-release fertilizer to help feed a lawn during winter months.

5) Lime Application – Use of a compound, normally calcium or calcium and magnesium, which is capable of counteracting the harmful effects of an acid soil.

6) Lawn Aeration – Removing core soil from a lawn, making it easier for the root system to obtain both water and fertilizer.

7) Seeding – Recommended after aeration to help repair and improve existing turf. Holes from aeration are an excellent place for seedling germination.

Pruning – Trimming all new growth on bushes and shrubs, and removal of branches on trees.

Leaf Removal – Fall clean up requires leaf removal and disposal throughout the season.

Gutter Cleaning – Protecting your roof with our gutter cleaning service. This service will include two visits: first in late spring (after tree seedlings have fallen) and a second in late fall (after the leaves have fallen).